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About the stable master

Liinakko is an online shop established in 2017, making and selling e.g. hobby horses and associated supplies. The stable master is me, Eija Nordström. I have been making these wonderful things for several years now, earlier for the online shop, but now I work for my very own trade name.

All products available from Liinakko have been handmade by me. Handicrafts have been a big part of my life ever since I was in daycare, and later I have also received a degree in the field. “Tinkering” of all kinds and the detailing work of products is my passion, which is why all of my products are the result of several experiments. Both the horses and their equipment are unique: you cannot find two that are exactly alike.

Another important matter to me is recycling. I have been an eager customer at flea markets ever since I was a little girl - although back then I had to sneak in to make sure that no one saw me. Gladly the situation now is very different: we can all be proud of our second-hand findings. Recycling at Liinakko is currently most visible in our use of packaging materials. I try to use as much recycled materials in my packaging as possible. This means that you might receive your hobby horse packaged in a diaper box, or its equipment in an envelope made of a cereal box. At some point Liinakko will feature actual recycled products.

I have all kinds of new ideas in my head, and I make them come true according to available time and suitable materials. It is also nice to plan and work on tips and wishes received from other people.

Welcome to Liinakko, I hope you have a good time in my shop!